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Ash Angiollo, Principal

Howdy! I’m Ash Angiollo, Principal of Village Middle School, and it is my honor to serve alongside our exceptional staff, students, and families. Since 2020, I have had the privilege of calling Village Middle my “school home”.

When I’m not at school, you’ll find me adventuring outside, reading a book, or cooking a big meal for family and friends.  I enjoy spending time in the sunshine floating rivers, cruising down blue runs on ski slopes, and exploring well-marked trails on foot or mountain bike.

Dom, my husband, works at the United States Air Force Academy as a civilian and is also an AF JAG Reservist. Ally, our black lab fur-child is the real boss around our house.   Dom enjoys long and steep mountain bike rides and trail runs with Ally. 

With over two decades of educational experience, I firmly believe that middle schoolers are the most underestimated humans! I believe in the power of failing forward, getting out of students’ way, and that positive relationships with peers and teachers lead to students wanting to come to school.  Seriously, middle schoolers are like sponges soaking up knowledge, empathy, and resilience!

Feel free to reach out anytime. My door is open, and the coffee’s always brewing!

Jody Cameron, Academic Support Coordinator

Born and raised near Sacramento, California, my childhood was shaped by the company of my younger sister and the unique experience of having both parents in the education sector - my mom, a high school teacher, and my dad, a middle school principal. This upbringing instilled in me an early appreciation for the world of education.

After high school, I ventured to Washington State University, where I delved into the realms of Mathematics and Education, earning the degree that would pave the way for my future career. Just after graduation I got married and set off on an international adventure, courtesy of my husband's career in the Air Force. Our journey enriched our lives with four wonderful children, two additional degrees, and a tapestry of experiences across various states and countries. Eventually, our travels led us to our current home in Colorado Springs, where we are constantly in awe of the majestic mountains and the endless blue skies.

Professionally, my heart has always been tethered to middle school education, though I once briefly explored the world of 5th grade and even dabbled in part-time college teaching. My career has been a diverse one, involving teaching both math and science, and more recently, taking on roles such as Interim Assistant Principal and Academic Support Coordinator at VMS.

Outside the classroom, I'm just as passionate about life. When not collaborating with the incredible team at my school or engaging with the best students, I love reading, baking, and getting lost in movies. As a family, we cherish our road trips and travel adventures, revel in the fun of card and board games, curate music playlists, and are on a perpetual quest to discover the best ice cream spots in town.